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Grandpa Bill and Adahs Animal Products Customer Testimonials

My recent BTR Show Guest, Trina Felber, CEO, Primal Life Organics gave verbal accolades to 10x Pure-Tourmaline Water and Sacred Clay

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BH Sales Kennel Kelp Custom Blend 

Adahs Animal Rescue Shelter Aromatherapy

Customer Testimonials 

Adah received two great product testimonials

My dog Jenny was just recently introduced to Adahs Aromatherapy with Natural Medicinal Plant Infused, and I must tell you, the other night she was most unruly. two roll on across her head she was asleep in 7 minutes



Hi Rose here, 

and I have used Grandpa Bills Kennel Kelp, and your Boo Boo butter on my cats for a couple of years. Adah, and I can tell you it works on we pet owners too. My two kitties scratch me when I try to cut their nails, so Boo boo butter took the claw marks away overnight. I had a gross growth on the end of my nose, two dabs of Adahs Boo Boo butter and it dried up overnight



BH Sales Kennel Kelp Custom Blends and Adahs Custom Blend Animal Products Customer Testimonials

This is Friend and Client of Kennel Kelp Jenny Lee

Please pass on to Bill.

Poor Jenny Lee has been suffering from a bad case of diarrhea for the past two days.

We have been up every 2 hours throughout the night to let her out.

She is still full of energy though and drinking lots of water so not too concerned yet about dehydration. Keeping her still though is another thing! Tonight at 755pm I could not think of how to calm her down and get her ready for bed. Then I remembered the Relax roll on Bill had given me!

I spread it on my hands, rubbed her down, put some on the cushion of her bed and NO KIDDING within 10 minutes she was in her bed and ASLEEP! Thank Bill for me!!!!!

Plus I love the smell of it on my own hands!

Ahhhh! Maybe she will sleep through the night tonight! Calling the vet in the morning.

Talk with you later,

LM Windham

This is Kennel Kelp Deceased Friend and Client Georgie

Kennel Kelp did help Georgie fill in with missing hair and bald spots and  his tail was full!

Look at Georgie- Above when he was in his last days-he was much happier.

Every week he was bushier! Look at the tail! His hair was growing in thick! We couldn't believe it!

Thanks to Bill for making her passing so much more peaceful

MW Gorham

BH Sales

Lynn Gilles-Sanders

Hi: My name is Lynn and I am married to Barbara Sanders son Darren. We have three dogs. Two are labs and one is a mix.

I sent Darren out for dog food and he came home with an injured dog that the shelter had at the pet store trying to find it a home.

Seems it had a serious leg/hip injury (hit by a car) and the owners dropped it off at the shelter, no one would pay to have it helped.

He had serious skin and coat issues also-Paws and Nose where in bad shape also. A little Relax Aromatherapy helped too!

So my dog food that day cost over $700 and the dog is now mine and doing quite well I must say. However Darren is no longer allowed to go to the pet store. Needless to say I immediately received Kennel Kelp and Dog Liquid Glucosamine from B.

Last Christmas my dogs got a lovely basket of goodies, BH Sales Dog Hip/Joint, BH Sales Shampoos, BH Sales Soaps and all kinds of wonderful items for the dogs from BH Sales.

I am using them all and they are excellent and the BH Sales Dog Glucosamine is continually being used on all but, especially the injured dog.

We have seen improvement in our rescue and he is pain free at this time and we expect him to improve even more. It will always be an issue for him but his comfort and good health will make his life better.

Our dogs are very special to us and we do our best to give them a healthy life. Our rescue is the best watchdog we have ever had.

Bill and BH Sales have helped our dogs get healthy and stay that way!​

BH Sales

Hi Bill,

I wanted to let you know that my senior cat Madison, recently suffered a mild stroke.

She walked like a drunken pirate for a span, then you introduced me to your Cat Glucosamine.

She has now been on it for about 6 weeks, she for sure walks almost perfectly straight, and she now can once again leap up onto the couch, my bed, and her chair.

I am looking forward to receiving more info about the new size you mentioned?


Didi-Portland, Me

BH Sales

BH Sales

Well I couldn't find any Sacred Clay immediately to send him, and I remembered one of your blog posts about the Boo Boo Butter, and how using it as a styptic pencil for shaving to help heal nicks and cuts.

Well, I sent him a tube of boo boo and it immediately sealed the wound overnight=because of the AquiTerra Clay and KK Powder. 



BH Sales

Customer Testimonials

At BH Sales Kennel Kelp, we are dedicated to providing you with quality, all-natural dog health care products to help your pet live a happier and healthier life. Adahs aromatherapy oil and butters are not just safe for dogs, cats, and horses, but also for people and the environment.

Read the following testimonials to learn what some of our customers have to say about our natural pet remedies.

BH Sales

Hi Bill,

Just a quick update, after reading one of your blogs: I tried the relax aromatherapy on my new puppy.

My new puppy Jenny Lee, is receiving the product well and her puppy enthusiasm is now controllable.

I am anxious to see her response to the upcoming 4th of July events-we have a large family gathering coming up to include fireworks-should prove interesting. My older dog Atticus will be testing out the Relax soon!

I know your wife told me she experiences ancillary benefits of relaxing and better sleep, when she gives this to your own two cats!

I will convey more info to your wife re: your soap, shampoo, DE, and kelp products, as I introduce them to my new pup,


LM Windham , Me

BH Sales

I tried your relax aromatherapy for my two cats. I know you are marketing it for dogs and horses, but I read one of your blogs about cat aromatherapy also.

The Fourth of July presents challenges for my cats, one in particular. So I have introduced it to them both over the last 10 days or so.

I Spray it on a tissue and wave it around in the air this has worked best, vs apply, it directly-that step is next probably for sure on the 4th!



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